Megan May is one of the first people, locally, to really push forward the healthy-living movement into the mainstream. And it wasn’t for glory or for money, but rather, out of a necessity to change her own lifestyle, for her own health. With a vision so dedicated and pure, an unstoppable force naturally occurs, and that force is Little Bird Organics – leaders in making fresh, vibrant whole foods for the everyday consumer.

How would you describe what you do?

I am the creator of Little Bird. Which offers a combination of the foods that I love – and that I can eat! My family has a history in organics. I’ve always been consumed with making a change in people’s lives and I’ve come to realise that the best place to start is by improving what’s on their plates. It forces them to connect with the source, and brings their choices to the forefront of their minds. It’s a way of thinking that can be applied to all aspects of life. If you’re connected to your own health, you’re consciously creating change for the better.

I was a chef for years prior to opening Little Bird and was having to create & taste things that I was intolerant to, foods that were far from the health promoting organic foods I had grown up on, I started to drink coffee to try and raise my energy levels but that was a downward cycle that didn’t end well (I had to stop working for 2 years as I was so unwell). I remember leaning on the counter at one stage, just exhausted. I knew I had to make a change back to a wholefoods diet and lifestyle, there wasn’t really an option.

How did you come across Storm & India

I found them through social media initially and thought, “Oh yeah… what are these girls up to?” But on further investigation, I found that they were also from an organic farming background and had created a product that was beautifully crafted with integrity, made from the highest quality organic ingredients. I wasn’t really looking to increase our tea range but once Storm took us through a tasting we were hooked and really wanted to have the range in store for customers to experience.

What is your first memory associated with tea?

Growing up my family didn’t drink coffee and tea was either an Earl Grey or an English Breakfast, always drunk weak and black. My first experience of tea culture was at a Chinese friend of my parents when I was young, we were served small cups of tea and with each finishing of the cup it was refilled, many many cups later Mum explained to not finish it and then it would not be refilled. We were both trying to be polite. Also, on K. Road there was a teashop that was also a tattoo parlor, art gallery and radio station. They served tea and prepared it in it's correct form with different traditional pots and cups for each different kind of tea. I’d go there to drink tea and read books about tea. I’d take my friends there and it was the first time I’d really taken the time to learn the depth of history about tea.

Do you have any tea rituals?

We drink a lot of tea, mostly green, white, oolong & herbal. Since trying the Storm and India Detox Range we have been drinking it every day, alternating between the Morning and Evening Detox Teas – these are the perfect blends for me being sensitive to any caffeine. We always finish the evening with a pot of tea and more often that not, accompanied by a raw Hazelnut & Chocolate Cookie.

What are your favourite tea blends?

I love making fresh herb teas during winter like turmeric & lemongrass, rosemary & lemon, fresh nettles, thyme & kawakawa.

Do you have any wellness tips?

(Don’t have a baby & a business!) No, I’m kidding! I am figuring ‘the juggle’ out. Eat clean, fresh food. Balance cooked foods and raw, vibrant foods in winter. Lots of turmeric, as it’s a natural warmer. Bitter greens aid digestion, so plenty of those too. Books! I recommend reading Paul Pitchford’s textbook on Chinese and herbal medicine, it’s nearly 30 years old, but the values still remain.

How do you unwind at the end of the day?

I drink tea as a daily ritual. It helps me to chill out. I practice breathing exercises and meditate. Other than that, I love hopping in the bath with my daughter Pepper .

Do you have a favourite travel memory?

India. Nothing can protect you there. It’s raw and intense. I loved the diversity of food, markets & starting each new meeting with a Chai experience - there are so many different variations of Chai tea most memorable was a particular kasmiri Chai which was incredibly delicious - it's lighter and fruiter than regular Chai teas and finished with freshly ground almonds.

What have you got coming up that you are excited about?

The Unbakery Recipe APP is coming out very soon. We have been working on it for many months with an amazing NZ developer and it’s looking incredible. It will have 80 original quick and easy raw and wholefoods recipes for people to make at home along with tips, tricks and videos in it. The App is such dynamic medium for sharing our recipes on – it enables people to get more interactive with the recipes than a book and for us we are able to post new recipes regularly so your collection just keeps growing! Another great feature of having your recipes in an app is having the recipes right there with you when you’re shopping. We are really enthusiastic about it and hope that people will love it as much as we do. We are also very excited about all things Matcha! And very much looking forward to the new certified organic one from Storm and India that will be in store soon.