Serves 1

For the cocktail:
45ml Rogue Society Gin
30ml Vervain Citron Tea Syrup
20ml Lemon Juice
2 tsp of Sugar (or Coconut Sugar)
Soda Water to top

For the garnish:
Freeze-dried Tamarillo & Lavender Flower


The Tom Collins Cocktail was named after a hoax that went viral around New York City from 1874. Conversations would start with the question of; “Have you seen Tom Collins?” obviously answered with a “No!” Tom Collins was made out to be a man who would sit in taverns and bars speaking badly of everyone he met. The victim of the hoax would rush to the nearest bar in search of Tom Collins and after asking the bartender of his whereabouts would get presented with this iconic cocktail! This prank circulated through newspapers for months and the prank spread throughout America.

This zesty variation on a classic Collins, is sure to be a thirst quencher. Bright in colour from tangy Hibiscus Blossoms, with a refreshing lemongrass and citrus taste this is the perfect light cocktail for any occasion. Vervain and Vanilla notes bring a slight floral aroma and smooth aftertaste.

  1. This cocktail is super simple, build in your tall glass, ice and top with Soda. Garnish with fresh or freeze dried Tamarillo and a fresh Lavender Flower

* To make the Tea Syrup, brew the tea as per instructions on our packaging and add sugar(honey, agave, coconut sugar or maple syrup) to sweeten to your desired taste.

“Have you seen Tom Collins?” Gettysburg Compiler (1874)

Created in collaboration with Rogue Society Gin