A day in the life

A day in the life

City: London, UK 
Occupation: Holistic nutritionist, blogger, speaker, sweet potato eater

5.30am:  Wake up, I am scheduled to Skype with Southern Hemisphere based clients, so I have to get ready pretty quickly. On mornings that I don't have client meetings, then I will get in two hours of study - I am currently studying herbal medicine, so I might spend time completing assignments, reading academic papers on different herbs or making tinctures.

My get-ready-routine is pretty basic; I wash with warm water then apply Trilogy Rose Hip Oil and the Dr Hauschka Eye Balm.  I then follow up with some Antipodes foundation and bronzer, and Lush Mascara.

During this first part of the morning, I drink two cups of tea. I tend to choose green tea for the first part of the day, the Complexion Tea is my favourite morning blend.

7.30am: I take ten minutes to write down everything that Im thinking about, things I need to do or any ideas I have. I then pick the three most important things from this list and plan my day around these tasks. I put all of the tasks in the calendar on my phone and set alarms so that I am reminded throughout the day. I find that this stops me spending too much time on one task unnecessarily.

8.00am: Time to get out of the house and move! I work out four times a week and always try to schedule it before 10 am. If I leave exercise for later I often end up skipping it when I get caught up working or studying. Today I'm working with my trainer, but other days might be weight-based exercises on my own at the gym, attending a barre class or social netball. I like to switch up workouts otherwise I lose interest very quickly.

9.15am: Breakfast time! Starving today! So I'm having roasted sweet potato with eggs, cooked greens and sauerkraut. Other mornings I might have; oats made with almond milk, coconut and almond butter and topped with fruit, or a smoothie made from berries, cacao powder, hemp powder and nuts and seeds. While I eat I scan the news or listen to a podcast.

9.45 am: Today I am off to see some clients, then to follow up with a London based co-working space about my presentation for their wellness week.

1 pm Lunch time: Back home to make lunch, today I'm having sardines, roast tomatoes, capsicum and some broccoli. I try to add lots of herbs like cumin, parsley and coriander to my meals, not just for the nutritional benefit but as a way to add flavour to meals without processed sauces or toppings. To curb my cheese addiction I have started putting nutritional yeast on everything - it is a good replacement for the flavour of cheese and adds lots of vitamin B12. After lunch, I follow up with a peppermint tea and some blueberries.

2 pm: I'm heading out to my local cafe, I  try to work from a cafe in the afternoons as I find that the buzz of people helps me to focus on admin and writing work more efficiently. I spend the rest of the afternoon writing blogs, preparing presentations and taking care of normal business admin.

5 pm: Here in London the change in light late afternoon can be quite dramatic and it leaves me feeling chilling and tired, so I have a snack and cup of tea to help get me through the rest of the afternoon. Today I'm having chai tea brewed in almond milk and a hard-boiled egg dipped in hummus.

7 pm: I start to try to wind down now. If I have had a very productive day I can end up feeling very wired, so I need to start early in order to get a decent nights sleep. I dim the lights, put on music, light candles, and spend some time making dinner. At the moment here in London, we are heading back into winter so I'm making more warming dishes like fish stews, dahls and veggie bakes. Tonight I'm having brown lentils and brown rice cooked with greens, leeks, and butter and topped with leftover roast chicken. I have recently made the change from having carbohydrates at lunch to having them at dinner and found this has made a real difference to my sleep. my favourite is sweet potatoes, but I try to change it up and include lentil pasta or rice too. After dinner, I have two cups of chamomile tea and take my magnesium supplement too.

7.45 pm: I spend a bit of time after dinner checking social media while watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (still a favourite after all these years!). I shower and apply magnesium cream, other nights I will take a bath with magnesium salts instead of applying the cream. Before bed, I wash my face with Tailor Oil Cleanse to remove my make up then cleanse a second time with La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser. I have only started using the second cleanser since moving to London - I have found the pollution has really affected my skin giving me flare-ups of rosacea now and again, and the La Roche-Posay products seem to keep things under control. I then apply the La Roche-Posay zinc mist followed by May Lindstrom's Blue Cocoon to my face.

9.15 pm: I try to get in 30 minutes of reading at night to give my brain time to relax before sleeping. Sometimes I will read nutrition or health books, lately, I have been reading the collection of books from London based fertility expert and Chinese medicine practitioner Emma Cannon. Tonight I'm starting Home Going by Yaa Gyasi.

9.40pm: Time to switch off. I apply sleep balm to my wrists and switch, ready to rest so I can do it all again tomorrow!