Art Green of Clean Paleo

Art Green of Clean Paleo

Clean Paleo’s history starts with three gladiators, Ryan Kamins, Mitchell McClenghan and Art Green; unable to find a product that suited his dietary requirements, he started a company with his gladiator friends, of whom he met on the film set of Sparticus. “We had a lot of down-time on set, so between takes we’d come up with business ideas. CleanPaleo was one of them.” Offering a range of simple and wholesome foods, made from the best local ingredients, CleanPaleo is becoming a widely followed, consumed, and heroic product. We meet with Art at his office, which, having been created by three strapping lads, is equipped with a basketball hoop, a whiskey shelf and a polaroid wall, naturally.

Who are you and what do you do?

We make and sell packaged whole foods. We’ve been operating for about two and a half years. Our best seller is our cereal range. My role is Chief Operating Officer, in which I oversee the sales, marketing and production for CleanPaleo. I was working in a gym in Australia and having to advise clients on their nutrition. Which lead me to try out many different diets and ways of eating. I found that the Paleo lifestyle suited me the best, it gave me the right kind of energy, and it just made sense.

How do you know Storm & India?

I met Storm through a mutual friend. A lot of us are young entrepreneurs, starting and running our own businesses, so we fall into the same circles and are aligned in some way.

What was your first memory associated with tea?

My mum drinks a lot of tea. I remember being little, maybe about five, and wanting to make her some tea to do something nice. I poured way too much milk in. When I took it to her it was cold. It would have been horrible but she drank it anyway.

What are your tea rituals?

I like to have tea in the morning. I always use loose-leaf tea. I even infuse it myself with my mesh ball thingy. Storm & India teas are a favourite, the Morning Detox is great and the Elixir Chocolat is amazing! I choose their tea over anything else because of the ingredients they select. You can literally taste the fact that they’ve sourced out the highest quality ingredients. The benefits of tea are also important to me. I like the digestive qualities and the antioxidants prevalent in some of the blends too. I also enjoy a chamomile before bed to unwind and relax.

Do you have a favourite travelling memory?

Ah, too many! I really enjoyed my time in California, and Europe was fun too, although a bit more of a challenging.  I was a little ambitious thinking I could travel all around Europe with only $1000 kiwi dollars.  At one point I slept under a tree for a couple of nights in Rome, and then got my passport, wallet, cell phone, and camera stolen in Barcelona.  But it was an amazing experience, every bit of it. 

What's coming up for you this year that you're excited about?

CleanPaleo have just launched into Countdown, and we have some amazing opportunities coming up offshore that we’re really excited about.