Justin Miller of Waitakere Osteopathic Centre

Justin Miller of Waitakere Osteopathic Centre

On first glance, Justin Miller could appear as if he has just stepped out of the boxing ring – tall, muscular, focused. However, once the soothing pace of his Californian accent hits your ears, your initial perception starts to adjust.

Equipped with the precision of a martial arts master, Justin’s hands lend their skills to the physical niggles of his regular clients. And they are regular, because they know they’ll walk out happy, on the path to betterment, all thanks to those healing hands. Already offering relief in massage and acupuncture, Justin continues to further develop his craft so he can contribute even more for his clients and their lives. He’s the kind of medicinal healer that goes beyond textbook requirements, his in-depth knowledge spanning across many types of medicines, yet all focused towards one thing – the desire to help others.
Who are you and what do you do?

I am an acupuncturist and massage therapist, currently doing my masters thesis in Osteopathy. I also practice martial arts. I have been at this clinic for 6-7 months, and would love to teach acupuncture one day. I am originally from California, but have lived in New Zealand for 14 years. I met my wife in Israel. We now have two boys, 6 and 8-years-old. 

How did you meet Storm & India?
The whole Storm & India Tea Sisters family comes to me for treatments, they each have their own concerns with their bodies which I keep on top of for them.

What is your first memory associated with tea?
I’m really into Qigong, which is a Chinese breathing exercise. Its history practices involve tea as a ritual. There’s a book called ‘'The Way of Qigong: the Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing' which talks about the benefits of different blends of teas. After reading this, I was motivated to start drinking tea. It makes me feel energized and I love the chilled out vibe it creates. Now, I’m hooked.

What are your own tea rituals?
I like to take the different qualities and benefits of teas and bring them into my life when I need them. It is the common thread across everything I do. I’m really into the origins and legends associated with tea and martial arts too.

What are your favourite flavours and blends?
Chinese green and jasmine teas are my favourite. Fermented black tea is warming and lovely too. Gengi Thai has a lovely toasted-rice flavour. Pu-erh is great for aiding with digestion of fatty foods, and if you have high in cholesterol and blood pressure. It’s interesting the different temperatures different ingredients can offer, for example, green is really cooling on the body and organs. I always sip tea when I’m studying or trying to stay alert, never coffee.

Do you have a favourite travel memory?
It would be in Israel. The history is so rich there. Walking through the gardens at twilight, the sky is blue and purple, the smell of fresh frangipanis, it was like heaven on earth.

What's happening this year for you that you're excited about?
Finding the balance: kids, thesis and education.

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