Obsessive car detailing

Obsessive car detailing

Sometimes it’s handy to be a little OCD. Christian Taylor and his business partner Sam Gibbons have a shared obsession with tidiness and attention to detail, so in 2014 they set up Obsessive Car Detailing in Penrose, Auckland. They are avid car enthusiasts, and strongly believe that when you drive the best you deserve the best - there was nobody offering detailing services to the standard they aspired to. Christian has recently helped Storm & India get their little silver tea van back to top condition, and the van will be at Karen Walker’s Playpark in Newmarket throughout December.
What exactly did you do with the tea van? 
The Storm & India Retro Rocket Airstream is a unique retro-styled aluminum caravan, so it was a bit tricky to work with. We performed a decontamination and machine polish, which restores depth and shine to the surface of the vehicle, removing water spots and light scratches.

What sets OCD apart? 
We pride ourselves on two factors: our quality and client service. We are firm believers that a tidy workspace leads to tidy work, and are fastidious about cleanliness both in our work and our workspace. One of the challenges we face with the growth of OCD is maintaining service and quality. It would be tempting to just add staff to cover the increased demand for our work, but our approach has always been careful and well-planned. We would much rather book six weeks ahead than try and rush work at the risk of quality. An example is that each staff member undergoes a solid six months training before they are considered a Detailing Specialist, regardless of their background or experience as a detailer in the past. It’s a big cost to us, but it ensures our quality standards are maintained.

Have you worked on any other unique projects lately?
There always seems to be something interesting here at OCD! In the last two weeks we have detailed a 400wkw Familia GTAE for NZ Performance Car magazine, a modified 1968 Mustang Fastback, a McLaren 570S on HRE wheels, a brand new Megane RS, and we had an all-original barn find R33 GTR in for full restoration.
Do you have any daily rituals?
I love a tidy workspace, so we have implemented 30 minutes for all of us to tidy our respective workspaces in the morning. It’s all part of being OCD!

Are you a tea drinker?
I don’t drink alcohol, so I find myself imbibing a fair amount of coffee and tea. One of the drawcards for spending so much time at OCD is our top rate coffee and large herbal tea selection. We pride ourselves on having a wide range to suit almost all tastes, and we enjoy regular visits from our clients popping in to see what we are working on or ‘chew the fat’. Having come from a high-stress corporate life, it’s enjoyable to take a step back from the hubbub every now and then and talk about what you love with like-minded people.
What are your favourite places to eat? 
Myself and my wife are self-confessed foodies. Whether it’s a home-smoked chop on the BBQ or a ‘date night’ at a high-end restaurant, we often find ourselves planning our sacred Sundays off work around food! Current favourites include Sam Woo Vietnamese in Otahuhu and Mister D’s in Napier.

Article by Reuben Keeling.

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